Month: December 2020

The Importance of Trading Psychology.

The Importance of Trading Psychology We all battle with something, especially when it comes to trading. The market can be going in our favor, the strategies can be working well for you, and yet you might not be seeing the results you want. This could be due to other factors that are affecting your trading, […]
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How do you create a secure mindset for Trading?

How do you create a secure mindset for Trading? Trading can be tough especially if you are trading part-time and you have a job. You probably notice that you just do not have the mental energy after work and find it difficult to focus. However, by improving your trading mindset, it will also improve your […]
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Pressure to Perform

Pressure to Perform. Everyone who trades ultimately wants to make money – after all isn’t that why we are putting ourselves through all this stress? which is only made worse when the pressure to perform successfully increases through things like having more money to trade with or giving up your job to trade full time […]
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