5 Things to do before Trading

To become a successful trader, one of the skills you’ll need is a successful mindset. Developing mental strength is similar to the way one would go to the gym to build muscle, it can be done with proper training and patience. Failures and obstacles are to be expected, but it’s how you overcome them that […]
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Brain Chemistry While Trading

Last week we discussed confidence and overconfidence, in this week’s article we will look at the types of chemicals that are released during trading process and the impact it has on us. So, what type of chemicals are released during trading and how does it affect us? A professor of psychology and neuroscience at Stanford […]
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Confidence & Overconfidence

What is confidence? A confident trader is one who has: found what works (through experimentation) confirmed that it works (through back testing) trusts oneself (through knowing they have done the work) So where does this confidence come from? Confidence comes from trust. If you don’t trust the strategies, then don’t use them and if you […]
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Trading for a Living Part 6 – Trading as a Business

Trading as a Business. When we decide to pursue trading as a business it makes things simpler, reason being, we can now sit down and create a business plan for this venture. Many problems that afflict traders are due, in large portion, to not having an executable business plan. Below is an example of a […]
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What is Addiction?

Addiction is a psychological and physical inability to stop consuming a chemical, drug, activity or substance, despite the harm it might be causing. In the case of gambling, it is no different. The “high” you get from winning money becomes addictive and even when you start losing that money, the ecstasy of, “maybe this time […]
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