The Journey Of A New Trader: Money Management

Trading is known to be the one area where you can lose your entire life’s earnings in a single day. There are however many techniques and ways to prevent yourself from losing money unnecessarily. The first one would be to trade according to trend. Buying lows and selling highs according to the current trend is […]
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The Journey Of A New Trader: Clashing Thoughts

When you are trading there will always be multiple feelings and thoughts going through your mind. Some will interfere with your trading and others will compliment your trading. I will share with you some thoughts that I have experienced and how you can control them so they are not detrimental to your trading.   In […]
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The Journey Of A New Trader: Back Testing

Trading is a career heavily involved with and influenced by money. As people and traders, we are always trying to find ways to make money and stay profitable, but not many people understand that it is more important to manage your losses than it is to count your winners. A profitable trader is not someone […]
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