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Trading Psychology: Importance Of Consistency

Why is it important to be consistent when trading? Consistency builds habit and having good habits ultimately defines who we are as people. Consistency in sticking to an effective trading strategy, this will help you to master that trading strategy and will allow you to see if that strategy is really working for you or […]
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Trading Psychology: Staying Consistent

Staying consistent in trading is an important aspect to trading. Its easy to make money but keeping it may be another story. Here are some easy tricks you can use to become a consistent trader:   Having a game plan Having a detailed plan of attack or game plan will give you the necessary framework […]
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Trading Psychology: Frustration Vs Determination

A study was done a few years ago where they measured two emotions in seasoned traders while they were trading.  The first was determination (how determined were the traders to make profitable trades?) and the second was frustration (how frustrated were the traders at the same time?)   The study concluded that when the trader […]
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Trading Psychology: CBT Part 3

Revenge Trading   We have covered revenge trading in previous articles but now we are going to look at revenge trading and how we can use CBT as a solution to help prevent revenge trading. The biggest reason why we catch ourselves revenge trading is because we are emotionally invested in a trade. Here is […]
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