Your Complete Guide To

Successful Trading!

This is a LIVE workshop hosted in a class format with you on Zoom.  Every session is recorded for your convenience.
For those who want various strategies that work in trending or consolidating markets trading 1-Minute candles on international indices (US30 and NASDAQ).
Learn to be a target-trader, know exactly when to enter, take profit, and exit a trade!
- Full set of course notes on our best 1-Minute strategies
- Signal generators installed on your PC that provide an advanced warning when a trade is about to trigger according to the strategy. This product only works on MT4 for those who have opened a live trading account using our link with Trade Nation.
- Access for a FULL Month to Live Trading Sessions via Zoom to practice what you have learned. If you wish to continue with the live Zoom session, there is a subscription available.
- Trading Platform with some of the lowest costs (spreads) in the world.
- One Free  1 on 1 session with one of our top traders
- Access to our Foundation Course to cover all the Basics you need before you start to trade.
- You need to open a Live trading  account with Trade Nation
- We will set up your platform and load all the templates you need to start trading with us right away
- Be focused! This will be an intense month of learning and trading, but it will be worth it! 
- Live on Zoom in class format (sessions will be recorded)
- 1x Live question and answer support class per week
- Weekly revision sessions (Live)
- Access to our Live support group and Live Trading sessions every day for a Full Month.

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