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TTH Accelerator Signal Service

We are proud to introduce you to our newest service we added to The Traders Hideout, our TTH Accelerator Signal Service. With this service we teach you our most profitable 1-Min trading system and how we have programmed it into an Alert-based signal service that gives you advance and real-time warnings of this system triggering so you never miss a trade!

This service also includes an Hour Live Workshop where we go into detail on how this system works and how to use the Signal service with the strategy. The Signal service will be installed on your MT4 platform with the template for the 1-Min system.

The purchase of the pro traders course Includes this service.

Online Mentorship & Signals

We're here to support you, always.

Watch over zoom as we trade our best 1-Min strategies live 3 times a day so we can guide you as you execute trades

Receive automatic trading signals, installed directly onto your MT4 Platform, which are based on our most successful strategies

Receive daily chart set-ups & trade ideas for various markets and time frames via our telegram groups. You will also get up-dates throughout the day on which strategies are about to trigger

Get a dedicated trading mentor to answer any questions you may have

One-on-one Meta Trader 4 platform setup & training over zoom

Service offerings.

  1. 1 Hour Live workshop where we will go through our best 1-Min System with you and show you how to use that with the Signal Service
  2. 3 Hour Live trading session where we will trade the 1-Min system with you where you can ask questions and enjoy the session with us!
  1. The signals are based on our most profitable 1-Min strategy supported by The Traders Hideout.
  2. Install the signal service on your own MT4 platform so that you have the freedom to select the markets and time frame that suit you.
  3. The signal service only works on MT4 through our preferred regulated liquidity provider.
  4. The signals are displayed on your trading screen and replicated on your Apple or Android tablet/phone.
  5. Signals are sent in advance, so you have time to react (limited to 10 signals per minute).
  6. Load signals onto multiple charts – no limits. 

In order for these services to be delivered optimally, it is required that you purchase the Pro Traders Program along with our Signal Service as that is the only way we can guarantee you will be able to reach your full potential as a trader.

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