7 Steps To Make You A Profitable & Consistent Trader

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The Pro-Traders Program!

The Pro-Traders Program will provide you with 15 hours of tried and tested trading strategies, which will be streamed from our website so you can learn at your own pace, in your own time, and at your own convenience.


Whether you are a long-term trader or enjoy the thrill of day trading these strategies will allow you to develop your own style, suited to your individual needs!
Pro Trading Course

Seven Steps To Make You A Profitable & Consistent Trader

The Foundation to successful trading workshop which includes:

Start your trading journey with the correct foundation.


The course content includes:

  • The introduction. Profiting in rising and falling markets, leverage, margin, gearing, types of markets, Pips, Points and Price, and major news events.
  • Technical analysis. Trade using support and resistance levels, trading with price action, various candle patterns, the Stochastic Oscillator, moving averages, relative strength indicator and Fibonacci levels.
  • Strategies. This includes strategy definition, profit targets, risk management and back testing.
  • Trading psychology. Discover the pit falls traders encounter such as fear and greed. We also cover some exercises with exercises to assist in overcoming these obstacles.
  • Money management. Let’s turn your trading performance into an equity curve. Let’s then discuss (one on one) how you can use this information to increase or decrease your position sizes, get your losses under control and run with your profits.


  • A full recording of the training session.
  • A set of course notes
  • One Saturday live class over Zoom 08:30 to 13:00.
  • Ryno will contact you to set times and dates.

The Complete guide to one-minute trading workshop which includes:

  • For those who want various strategies that work in trending or consolidating markets trading five and one-minute candles on international indices. Learn to be a target trader, know exactly when to enter, take profit and exit a trade at a loss.
  • Join us twice a day for the first two hours of the DOW open and again for the last two hours before the DOW closes as we trade the Dow Jones industrial index and the NASDAQ live over zoom according to five different strategies.


  • For you to get the most out of this training experience, the course is presented in a class format over zoom, usually on a Saturday morning. Ryno will contact you to set times and dates that are mutually convenient.
  • To ensure clarity of each individual strategy, a revision session is held four evenings a month over zoom where we focus on understanding and trading one strategy per evening.
  • A recording is available on request.
  • A set of course notes

The Trading as a business workshop which includes:

Trading, as any other business, relies on cash flow and sustainable profits. All strategies and trading systems work but not in all market conditions. Learn to take your trading history and build an equity curve so that you know when markets are favorable you can increase your position size and when less favorable you can reduce your position size.

The emotions of fear and greed often hold us back. Trading psychology is one of the most important aspects when learning and trading for consistent profits.

You will receive:

  • One on one time with a respected and experienced trading coach.
  • Warren will contact you to set up times that are mutually convenient.

The essential guide to successful trading on international shares using CFD’s:

For those who would like a geared exposure to international shares. Some of the content that you will be taught includes:

Fundamental analysis

  • How to quickly identify a company worth investigating further. Understanding some fundamental ratios such as PE ratio and Dividend Yield.
  • How to build portfolios for dividends and capital growth in a balanced manner. Macro-economics such as how interest rates and inflation affect markets. Main focus is on NASDAQ shares, but the principles can be applied to all stock markets.
  • Get and understanding of how to rate the value of a company according to PE ratios, net asset values and other fundamental statistics.

Technical analysis

  • How to use different indicators to identify trend and potential changes in trend. Important candle patterns for entering and exiting a trade.
  • Different types of risk management using a combination of position sizing and technical levels for stop losses.
  • Multiple ways to identify support and resistance areas to help with targets and exits. Using gaps to identify alternative levels of support and resistance. Learn the trading systems used to define the trend and when to enter a trade with take profit and stop loss levels.


For you to get the most out of this training experience, the course is held over zoom with a seasoned trader. Warren will contact you to set times and dates that are mutually convenient.

  • A workshop hosted by Warren.
  • Regular posting of trading signals on the telegram group


  • Q and A sessions.
  • Revision sessions hosted monthly by Warren

The Trading using Fibonacci Levels workshop which includes:

Know where the market is going in all probability. Like google maps, we need to know where we are in in order to know where the market is going.

All markets in all time frames move through a period of consolidation and then breakout into a trend. We need a trading system that indicates whether we are in a trend or a consolidation. This trading system provides fixed entry levels with first (stop loss to entry) and second targets as well as stop loss levels.

You will learn:

  • The high low trading strategy. This strategy is applied to end of week and end of day charts for the longer-term traders and on hourly and five-minutes for the shorter-term traders. This strategy can be applied to any market. This strategy indicates when we are in consolidation and when we are breaking out of consolidation into a trend with exact entry, stop loss and take profit levels.
  • The nine-hour consolidation strategy. This strategy works on most international indexes. Trade the daily breakout in the direction of the trend using the hourly time frame with exact entry, stop loss and take profit levels.
  • The opening range strategy. This strategy is applied to five-minute candles once markets have opened and provides the range in advance for the session. This strategy also provides exact entry, stop loss and take profit levels.
  • The grid trading strategy. This strategy allows for trading level to level using Fibonacci numbers in the direction of the trend. This strategy provides exact entry, stop loss and take profit levels.
  • Trend definition. Learn how to apply moving averages to define the trend in all markets and time frames.

You will receive:

  • The strategy setups with levels (pictures) every morning for the major international indexes with the trading levels for the day.
  • A morning video providing you with the trading levels in various time frames and various markets.
  • A trading Platform with some of the lowest costs (spreads) in the world.
  • You will belong to a dedicated telegram group for additional support and communication.
  • A workshop on a Saturday morning from 08:30 to +- 12:30. This session will be recorded for your convenience. Patrick will notify you of Dates and Times.

Trading using The ABC strategy workshop which includes:

The ABC system is your compass to the market. All markets move in threes over specific time frames, cycles and degrees. An understanding of this allows you to know where you are in the market and in all probability where the market is going.

The ABC trading concept provides:

  • The Trend. Using leading and lagging indicators know if we are in a bullish or bearish trend. Have the advantage of knowing if the market is retracing or trending.
  • Cycles. Markets trend, retrace or consolidate and then trend again. Know where in that cycle you are.
  • Price targets. Determine, in advance, precise price targets and stop loss levels using Fibonacci numbers.
  • Trading levels. Learn to use various moving averages for price targets.
  • Price action. Learn to use a combination of moving averages and an oscillator to measure momentum.
  • Trading degrees. See where you are in three different time frames using one chart.
  • Trade levels. Get exact entry, stop loss and take profit levels.

You will receive:

1. Six workshops of two hours each running over a two-month period.

2. Homework assignments after each educational session.

3. Daily postings of setups and targets on the telegram groups.

4. Q and A sessions.

5. Revision sessions hosted monthly by Patrick.

Pro Trading Course

Everything you need, and more.

Get a dedicated Trading Mentor to answer any questions you may have.

Watch and execute trades on various markets with your mentor live via Zoom.

Receive automatic trading signals on your Meta Trader 4 platform.

Receive updates on Telegram that strategies are about to trigger.

One on one Meta Trader 4 platform setup & training over Zoom.

Receive daily Trade Setups for various markets and time frames via Telegram.



  • Introduction
  • Trading As A Business
  • Chart Patterns
  • Reading Charts
  • How To Use The MetaTrader 4 Platform
  • The High/Low Strategy
  • Grid Trading
  • Defining The Trend
  • Trading With The Stochastic
  • Nine Hour Consolidation
  • Adjustment To The High/Low
  • Trading on international shares using CFD's:
  • ABC's
  • Trading psychology
  • Statistics
  • Live Trading over Zoom every weekday

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  • Trade using mt4 in local ZAR or USD.
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  • Trade over 600 local and international instruments.
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  • Minimum deposit from as little as R1000.

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