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The Pro-Traders Program will provide you with 15 hours of tried and tested trading strategies, which will be streamed from our website so you can learn at your own pace, in your own time, and at your own convenience.
Whether you are a long-term trader or enjoy the thrill of day trading these strategies will allow you to develop your own style, suited to your individual needs!

For The Day-traders we have:
  • The one-minute system, which operates with the intention of trading five to six times an hour, and with the aim of banking 15 to 20 points on each trade, trading the US30 (DOW).
  • Using the Stochastic learn to trade sideways moving markets or retracements in the direction of the trend.
  • The stochastic strategy provides triggers for short and long trades out of consolidation into the direction of the trend on average twice a day, where we aim for 100 points profit after spread on the SA40 (ALSI).
For The Long-Term traders we have:
  • The 9-hour strategy will teach you how to trade out of consolidation and into the direction of the trend, on all international indexes. This strategy provides exact entry, take profit, and stop-loss levels and has a success rate of +/- 85 – 90%.
  • The high low trading strategy provides price targets for the next month, week, and day and works on any market. Know when the market is consolidating and when it is breaking into a trend. This strategy provides precise entry, stop and take profit levels!
  • Start the day knowing how to determine the strongest from the weakest currency pair in various time frames across all the major pairs. (FOREX)

You will also learn how to make trading your business. Learn how to structure a sustainable business which includes a trading plan, money management plan, and trading psychology!

REMEMBER, you will receive support in the form of:

  • LIVE trading sessions for 6 hours per day on zoom.
  • Telegram groups where we post all the setups every day.
  • Our Signal services with our 9 Hour AUTOMATED BOT (based on our famous 9-hour system).
  • A dedicated Trading coach to assist you in a profitable trading journey.

This course includes our Trading With Signals service to get the most value out of the program!

Pro Trading Course

Everything you could need, plus more.

This course is suitable for everyone, if you’re a beginner or a pro, this program is for you.

Get a dedicated Trading Mentor to answer any questions you may have.

Watch and execute trades on various markets with your mentor live via Zoom.

Receive automatic trading signals on your Meta Trader 4 platform.

Receive updates on Telegram that strategies are about to trigger.

One on one Meta Trader 4 platform setup & training over Zoom.

Receive daily Trade Setups for various markets and time frames via Telegram.

Course Overview

Presenter : Pieter Coetzer

Get started by learning how to use the platform and getting to know how various markets work.

1. Trading geared instruments:
  • Understanding gearing.
    2. How various markets work Trading:
  • Forex Markets
  • Commodities
  • International and local indexes
    3. Introduction to Technical Analysis:
  • Various types of charts.
  • Price action.
  • Understanding candlesticks and candle patterns.
    4. Money Management:
  • Position sizing per trading instrument.
  • Managing profits and losses.
    5. Getting the most our of MT4:
  • Setting up profiles and templates.
  • Setting up multiple platforms and charts on one computer/laptop.
  • Setting up one click trading.
  • Setting up automatic take profit and stop loss levels.
  • Presenter: Patrick Moore

    1. Introduction to Target Trading:
  • Statistics versus strategy.
  • The foundation of the short-term strategies.
  • The simple moving average.
  • Markets move in 3's.
  • Identifying the consolidation and break into the trend.
  • Using moving averages to determine the trend.

    2. Introduction to Fibonacci:
  • Introduction to the Fibonacci numbers.
  • Using Fibonacci to identify periods of consolidation.
  • Using Fibonacci to identify when markets are trending and identifying price targets.

    3. The high/low trading system:
  • Using the end-of-day charts to determine.
  • Future levels of support and resistence.
  • Future take profit levels.
  • Future stop loss levels.
  • Trading hourly and five-minute candles.
  • Out of consolidation.
  • Trading the retracement.
  • Presenter: Patrick Moore

    1. Trading using the Stochastic Oscillator:
  • How to use the Stochastic Oscillator.
  • Using the Stochastic Oscillator to determine periods of consolidation.
  • Using Stochastic Oscillator to trade our of consolidation direction of the trend.
  • The stop loss for the strategy.
  • Using the Stochastic Oscillator to add into positive trades.
  • Using the Stochastic oscillator to measure the strength of price action/momentum.
  • Applying the Stochastic oscillator to various time frames and markets.
  • Using the Stochastic oscillator to determine significant highs and lows in the market.
  • Presenter: Patrick Moore

    1. The nine-hour consolidation trading system:
  • Various markets where this strategy can be applied.
  • The retest of the opening price level.
  • Applying the Fibonacci retracement to determine the daily nine-hour consolidation.
  • Trading in the direction of the trend.
  • Take profit and stop loss levels.

    2. Trading the opening range:
  • Various markets where the strategy can be applied.
  • Applying the Fibonacci retracement to determine the opening range
  • The rules for entry, stop and take profit.

    3. Trading the change in trend:
  • Markets change trend intraday at specific times.
  • Trade the change of trend using specific criteria.
  • Presenter: Patrick Moore

    1. Trading with three equal channels
  • The rules for drawing channels.
  • Determining the trend.
  • Determining levels of support and resistance.
  • Determining price targets.

    Practical Exercise

    2. Trading using extension Fibonacci retracement levels.
  • The rules for placing the Fibonacci retracements on the charts.
  • Entry, stop loss and take profit levels.
  • Trading the extension fib failure.

  • Practical Exercise
    Presenter: Patrick Moore

    1. Trading using Grids.
  • Use Fibonacci levels to determine support, resistance and targets in any time frame.

    2. Trading the one-minute trading system

    3. Trading out of consolidation:
  • Moving average.
  • Applying the Stochastic.
  • Defining the trend, the stop loss.
  • Trading summary.

    4. Trading the retracement (overbought, oversold conditions):
  • Setting up the Stochastic.
  • High risk setup.
  • Medium risk setup.
  • Low risk setup, stop loss.
  • Trading Summary.

    5. Trading in the direction of the trend:
  • Setting up the Stochastic.
  • Defining the trend.
  • Trading the seperation.
  • Trading summary.
  • Stop loss.

    6. Trading the three Stochastic system:
  • Setting up the Stochastic.
  • Trading the momentum.
  • Defining the trend.
  • Trading the seperation.
  • Trading summary.
  • Stop loss.

    7. Trading the retracement continuation:
  • Defining the trend.
  • Trading the separation in the direction of the trend.
  • Trading summary.
  • Stop loss.
  • Presenter: Patrick Moore

    Wrapping it up:

    1. Summarize all the rules into one concise plan best suited to your personal style.

    Trading Psychology:
    1. Clearing your mind, eliminate preconceived ideas:
  • Determination versus frustration.
  • Optimism versus pessimism.
  • Why are you trading?

    2. The various animals in trading:
  • Bulls.
  • Bears.
  • Sheep.
  • Pigs.
  • Presenter: Warren Peacock

    1. Trading as a Business Plan.
  • Budget.
  • Cash-flow Analysis.
  • Cash-flow planning.
  • S.W.O.T analysis.

    2. Trading Plan
  • Trading systems.
  • Back Testing strategy.
  • Money management.
  • Position sizing calculator.
  • Presenter: Warren Peacock

    1. Forex Trading Plan:
  • Trend identification.
  • Forex Matrix for identifying change in trends.
  • Forex Trading plan for multiple pairs.
  • Position sizing for Forex Trading Plan.
  • Presenter: Warren Peacock

    1. Longer term trading with leverage:
  • Daily index charts trading plan.
  • Trading ideas for commodities.
  • Longer term share trading strategies.
  • Trading Psychology.
  • Take a look at one of
    our best strategies in action

    Receive an automated trading system based on this strategy when you sign-up for our webinar.

    Pro Trading Course

    Are you ready to make the investment?

    Everything you need to turn trading into a full-time career!

    We have many reviews from our satisfied clients.

    It’s always a joy to hear that the work we do has positively impacted our clients and that they are happy to share their experience.


    You can learn more from our frequently asked questions!

    Trading for a living is viable, however, it will be dependent on your available trading capital and how much you need to earn per month. As in any business, protecting your capital and manging the cashflow is of vital importance. During the course, we are going to spend a lot of time insisting you building a sustainable business plan that meets your requirements.
    There is no minimum deposited amount required to open a trading account. Our suggestion is that start small, learn to trust the strategies and your ability to execute the trades, and then add to your success over time.
    The solution lies in controlling the emotions involved when trading which include fear and greed. Every good trader has a money management plan so that the size you trade is correct according to your trading capital. We will provide you with an automatic sizing calculator which will suggest the optimal size to be traded.
    This varies from person to person depending on their individual goals, available trading capital and the amount of time that they have to learn. Joining our support infrastructure should speed up the process.
    No, you do not. We will teach you from the beginning. However, a one-on-one trading coach will be provided to help you get started.
    Unfortunately, we do not offer this service as no one cares about your money more than you do.
    Yes, you can on condition that you have a reliable internet connection.
    Trading is a business so normal operational expenses can be deducted from your income. We do not advise on tax and suggest you get a qualified professional for further insight.
    No, the markets are more active at certain times of the day. S0 we suggest good times are two hours in the morning, two hours in the afternoon and two hours at night which covers news events and markets opening and closing. Markets are generally quiet over lunch times.
    Mt4 is very efficient so as an estimate you will need about two gigs of data per month. Our live trading sessions over zoom are going to require more data and in our experience we have seen that it takes about three gigs of data so therefore, you could expect to use between two to five gigs of data a month.

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