Live Trading Statistics

Our challenge is to trade for consistency!

We aim to make 1% a day using conservative money management principles and by following our trading strategies.

Here are our trading results which are updated daily. The majority of the trades are taken during the live zoom sessions or via the telegram trading groups.

Some trades are executed out of the live trading room hours.

About Us

We are here to help you trade with experience

The Traders Hideout originated from traders and educators with over 40 years of experience, who came together to create a business model that aims to teach, support and mentor individuals that are serious about making trading a success.

The Traders Hideout supports all markets in all timeframes but specialises in trading volatile markets intraday, using short term strategies over zoom. Trading the South African and American market hours.

The Traders Hideout prides itself in creating an online support structure, which enables you to watch us trade live, receive longer term trade setups and receive advanced warnings that trades are about to trigger according to various strategies.

The Traders Hideout will equip you with the tools and strategies that you require to make trading a success.

Fun Facts

Our Team is committed to assisting you in making trading your business.

Everything you need to turn trading into a full time career.


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